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To be the best that we can be



During this term at school we would usually be consolidating all the sounds we have learnt so far and not introducing new ones. We have been learning set 1 and set 2.


Use the power points below to see how many sounds in set 1 and 2 that your child can recognise and use this as a guide for if your child needs to watch the set 1 or 2 Ruth Miskin phonics lessons. Please see the link below.


If your child does know the sounds then can they write them? Can they recognise them in their reading books and use them in their independent writing?


Don't worry if you child doesn't know them all but see if they can learn a new one today and maybe two or three new ones each week.


There are also some 'green words' to try reading and some 'red' words to learn. Red words are the words that we can't sound out.


Set 1 and Set 2 Read Write Inc Sounds

Parent Video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons. Click here for our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons Schedule: https://www.ruthmis...

Green and Red Words to practice reading