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To be the best that we can be
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To be the best that we can be


Week Beginning 22/6/20:

Hello Owls! I hope you have enjoyed the weekend. Please find below Home Learning for this week. Watch the video of Mrs Beardshaw reading this week's story: 'The Very Greedy Bee' (see below) as there is a task for you to complete. I will be in school this week so look forward to seeing some of you there. If you need any help with anything, want to send any work or share what you have been up to then please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Mrs Picton

The Very Greedy Bee

Week beginning 15.6.20

Hi there hope you have all had another lovely sunny weekend. Mrs Picton and I have been busy planning your Home School Learning for you and have tried very hard to include a range of activities that you can do on your own or possibly with an adult helping. We have also tried to think of activities that hopefully will interest you at home and year 1 at school but are also what you still need to learn for your next class. We know Year 2 that it is hard at home and you want to be back at school Mrs Picton and I also have children at home desperate to go back to school but for now our children and yourselves just have to keep trying at home. We would love to see what you have been doing by your parents emailing it to us or sharing it on Facebook if you prefer. In the meantime Mrs Picton and I will try hard to think of some new ideas to inspire you. Year 2's we are also busy speaking with your new schools in September who are very much looking forward to meeting you 

Have a good week and we will organise a catch up zoom on Thursday this week and play a little quiz.


Mrs Beardshaw


Week Beginning: 8-6-20

Hello! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Hopefully the sunny weather will return, although some rain will help the plants to grow in your gardens and in the school grounds. Please find this week's home learning below. I will be working this week at Sherington and am looking forward to seeing you if you are in school. We will also arrange another zoom meeting for everyone in the week. Please send any work or questions to me and I will answer them as soon as I can. It is always lovely to see what you have been up to.

Mrs Picton


Week beg 1.6.20

Welcome back we hope you have had a lovely half term and enjoyed the glorious weather. Some of you may have seen the videos Mrs Kipling has posted and you will see the adults have been busy re-organising the classroom. We look forward to welcoming some of you back on Tuesday and hopefully it won't be too long before we see a few more of you. Below you will find your work for the week. We are beginning a new topic 'The Great Outdoors' focusing on minibeasts and habitats.

I will be working the full week at Sherington so please continue to send work and your questions to me just be aware I may take a little longer to answer them. Mrs Picton will be working the following week. Mrs Picton and I would still like to hold a zoom call and we will send an email out and let you know when. Those Year 1's who are returning on Tuesday just do some reading tomorrow you do not need to begin the new work.

Mrs Beardshaw and Mrs Picton



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We have signed the school up with Oxford Owl who are offering free online reading books this is the reading scheme a lot of our books come from and you can also access RWI reading books here too. Below is a guide to book bands so you can match the age group to your child's current level. We will message the log in details to you.

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