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To be the best that we can be
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To be the best that we can be




Here we are about to start our Summer 2 half term. I am looking forward to welcoming most of you back to school on Tuesday! I will still share what we are doing at school on here for those who aren't coming back to school just yet and we will make sure we all keep in touch.


This week we are going to be talking about our feelings and what makes us feel happy, sad or worried. I hope you have all seen the video we posted showing you what school looks like now. It really hasn't changed and neither have we!


I am looking forward to a fun week!

Mrs Kipling


Hi Robins!


I hope you are all safe, happy and well. You certainly looked like you were in the amazing video you sent us on Friday. It is so lovely to see your smiling faces. I have watched it a few times over the weekend and every time I see it it cheers me up and makes me smile.


The weather is supposed to be fantastic this week so please get out and get as much fresh air and sunshine as you can.


This week's book is Spinderella by Julia Donaldson and Sebastian Braun. It is all about numbers so this week tell your grown ups everything you know about numbers (and we know quite a lot!) Ask them to put some Numberblocks on for you to watch and see how much maths you can find in everything you do, We use numbers a lot every day which is why they are so important. Practice writing and recognising numbers too. What is the biggest number you recognise?


This is our last week before half term and we are going to play a game during our Zoom call this week so it would be great to see as many of you there as possible.


See you all soon,

Mrs Kipling

Hello Robins,


I hope that you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed celebrating VE Day on Friday with your families. I loved seeing the bunting and decorations some of you had made and put up.


We are looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle this week. It is a fabulous book and there is a lovely animation of the story for you to learn. I love to see what you have been getting up to so please remember to keep posting and sharing what you have been doing.


I hope you have all managed to watch the little video we made for you. We wanted to make sure you all know how much we miss you and that we are still here for you.


Don't forget to watch the Ruth Miskin Phonics lessons, read to your grown ups or brothers and sisters and have a go at practicing your hand writing.


Have a lovely week.

Love from

Mrs Kipling

Hi Robins,


I hope you are all feeling good. I can't believe that we are now entering week 7 of lock down! It has been such a long time since I saw you. I bet you have all grown so much. Maybe you could measure yourselves to see how big you are now.


There is another measuring activity this week around our story. Our story is Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett. Have a listen to the story and look at the activities you could do or make some up of your own.


I will look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 2pm and Rev Coralie is doing a Collective Worship for the whole Village Schools Federation on Wednesday at 10am so it would be nice to see some of you then as well.


Have a lovely week and keep sharing your amazing work so we can see how brilliant you all are (although we all know that anyway).


Lots of love

Mrs Kipling

Hello Robins,


Here is our planing and book for this week. I hope you enjoy it. Remember to read to your family as much as you can and ask them to read to you. Practice writing your letters saying our rhymes and choose some really fabulous learning while you are at home. We will have our Zoom meeting on Thursday this week at 11am. I am looking forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces then.


Love from

Mrs Kipling

Oxford Owl

We have signed the school up with Oxford Owl who are offering free online reading books this is the reading scheme a lot of our books come from and you can also access RWI reading books here too. Below is a guide to book bands so you can match the age group to your child's current level. We will message the log in details to you.

Hello Robins,


Our summer term is starting in a very different way this year and it is very new to us all! I have created some activities and learning for you to do at home this week and I will continue to do this until we are able to go back to school. I hope you enjoy the stories and sharing them with your families. Please tell your mummys and daddys that this is all here for you to use if you would like to and if you are able to. We understand that there are lots of families juggling lots of different things at the moment and we know how hard that is. Also tell your parents to please ask if they have any questions or need any support. I am always here at the end of an email and am happy to make phone calls if anyone needs to talk to me. In Reception one of the most important parts is play. Make sure you are playing as much as you can with as many different things as you can. Your grown ups could support your play and help move your learning on by asking you questions like  the ones below.


What if ...    I wonder...     What would happen if ...   Why/why not?     What can you do with it?   How can it .... 


We will not be asking for any work to be 'handed in' at any point but I do love to see what you have been getting up to so please do keep sending me pictures, photos and videos either by email or share them on our class Facebook page if you are happy to do so. Remember to keep reading your reading books and the books on Bug Club!


Also, remember to continue to use your values and be kind to everyone in your house at the moment and enjoy your time together as families. Always being the best that we can be.


I will be sending out an invite to a zoom meeting on Tuesday 21st April at 2pm so I will look forward to seeing as many of you as possible then.


Lots of love from,
Mrs Kipling

Hot Cross Bunny

Shape Hunt Song

Can you go on a shape hunt? How many 2D shapes can you find?

MRS KIPLING'S CHALLENGE - This week your challenge is to create an Easter Bonnet,Easter picture or Easter poem using things that you have around your house and garden. You could try all 3 if you wish. The idea is to then share them at a virtual Easter Parade on Friday at 11am using Zoom! I will send out details later in the week.

Down There Under the Sea

Dough Disco!

Grab a ball of playdough or plastercine and dance away :) The children are brilliant at this! You could video them if you would like to and we could share the videos on here and on our facebook page.

Going Over The Sea

A slightly different version the one we sing at school but see if you can sing along.

Our Lovely Rainbows

MRS KIPLING'S CHALLENGE - Week one (23.03.20)

The Rainbow Trail.

Can you create a picture of a rainbow and if you would like to either post it in our Facebook group (Sherington Robins) or email it to me and I will share it here on our website.

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